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Sweet As Money

Instant Cash Loans

Apply now for an Instant Cash Loan up to $1200 and the money could be in your account by tomorrow morning.

Got a cash emergency? Whatever the reason, if you need cash fast, Sweet As Money is here to help. Unexpected expenses happen to everyone at the most inconvenient of times. Ease the stress with a friendly helping hand.


Sweet As Money wants to provide a ‘sweet as’ place people can turn to when they need an instant cash loan. It’s quick and easy to apply for an instant cash loan. You decide how many weeks you need to spread your repayments over, with up to nine weeks to pay.


It only takes about 3 minutes to apply! Our loan application process is quick and easy, and you’ll have a loan decision within 1 - 2 hours.

Sweet As Money has one of the lowest interest rates in the instant loans market. We want to provide help without putting you under more stress; so you can get on with life without worrying about how you’re going to pay back exorbitant fees and interest rates. We want you to get the cash you need today, without sacrificing your tomorrow.


Better still, we offer no early repayment fees. Yes you heard right - no early repayment fees! So if you can afford to pay back your loan sooner, you can do so without being stung with extra fees. After all, paying off your debt faster should be something to celebrate!


You can get an express loan in minutes with an affordable loan repayment plan that works for you. We provide loans to people from all walks of life and varying financial situations. Some have unexpected expenses like car repairs, or school fees and activities; while others are simply falling short for the month and need a bit extra to cover rent, food and travel costs. All our customers enjoy a friendly money lending experience from a team that genuinely cares and wants to help. Apply now for emergency loans and quick cash loans from a responsible lender that cares.

Low Cost Lending For Small Cash Loans!

Sweet As Money takes the pain out of applying for an instant cash loan. It’s as simple as filling out a quick, online application form and receiving your money tomorrow. No paperwork to print and sign, no need for a face to face meeting. Simply tell us what you want to borrow, and select the repayment plan that works for you. We’ll take care of the rest. We don't require security and our lending criteria is broader than other finance companies, so if you've been declined a loan because of your credit score by another lender, you may still be approved for online loans through us.


It takes just a couple of minutes to fill out an online cash loan application. Apply before 2pm and cash could be in your account tomorrow morning.

Applying Online for Instant Cash Loans

Why Choose Us!

  • Quick, easy application process

  • Fair and affordable rates

  • No need to print, sign or scan documents

  • No overpayment fees

  • No statement fees

  • No early repayment fees

  • No penalties the minute you miss a payment

  • No 50% - 292% interest rates - yes they exist!

Sweet As Money are kind money lenders. We wanted to provide an affordable fast cash finance solution. We’re not like other lenders. We know that unexpected expenses come up and we genuinely want to help. You won’t be locked into high-cost loan contracts with us. Just quick loans at fair interest rates and flexible repayment options. Our supportive staff understand that there are moments in life when you need a short-term loan. Try our loan calculator to see what your repayments could be.

Small Loans Fast

Sweet As Money is here to help when you need to get cash loan funds at an affordable and fair rate.

Pay Day Loans

Some people call small fast loans, pay day loans. But often other Pay Day lenders charge unfair interest or repayment plans. Sweet As Money wants to be the lifeboat that keep the sharks away. We offer quick loans without the unreasonable costs of borrowing. Whatever the financial situation an express loan can be a smart way to manage your finances. It helps you enjoy those moments of life and can also aid in improving your credit score.

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