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Sweet As Money

Get Loan Wise!

Ever feel like paying off debt is like playing a game of Snakes and Ladders? Moving two steps forward only to slide six steps back!

Our goal is to help you reach the finish line sooner, not hold you back

Some same-day loans create more problems than they solve so make sure you're loan wise! Let's take a look at some of the pitfalls to look out for when borrowing fast cash

Say Goodbye To -

No grace periods

Lots of other hidden 

& statement fees


refund fees

50% - 292% Annual

Interest Rates!

Statement fees

Penalties the minute

you miss a payment

00, $400 & $500 Establishment Fees">

$100, $200, $400 & $500

Establishment Fees

Early repayment fees


Make Sure You Consider The Total Cost Of Borrowing

Anyone can use words like 'competitive' and 'no hidden fees' when describing their costs, but that doesn't mean they don't charge an arm and a leg! The total cost of borrowing includes the interest rates and other fees.

We regularly compare our fees to other unsecured lenders and only charge what we need to


Get The Lifeline You Need, Without The Fear Of Sharks Circling!

Lower fees, fairer interest rates, and no early repayment penalties. Sweet As Money is here to provide a helping hand, not put you under more pressure. These aren't empty words, we put our money where our mouth is. See for yourself


Tiered Establishment Fees

Another big cost to borrowing is the establishment fee. Always check how much this is!

Some companies charge you a higher fee the more you borrow, and yet the amount of work is the same.

We don't think that's fair either, so we charge a flat fee of $85 for the establishment of your loan.

Our Fees

Feel free to use this as a comparison if you're shopping around for the other loans 

Early Repayment Fees

We only charge interest until the day you pay off your loan, not the length of your loan. We want to reward you for paying off your loan early, not penalise you!

Other loan companies try to make as much money as they can, at their client's expense! That's not us.

Daily Interest Rate vs Annual

A daily interest rate of .48% sounds reasonable, but that works out to 175.2% over the course of one year.

Some loan companies provide daily interest rates of up to 0.8% a day, which is 292% per annum. So, a $1500 loan can end up costing $4380 in a year!

You need to ask yourself - is that fair? Is that kind?

Is that reasonable? Hell no!

Cost Comparison Table

Total Cost of Borrowing $500 over 90 Days:


Total Cost of Borrowing

Annual In Term Interest Rate

Daily Interest Rate
Establishment Fee
Other In Term Charges





13.95% to 29.95%






$4.00 / month

Up to $210.00


$3.00 / transaction

$1.50 /transaction

$10.00 /month

Sweet As Money

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