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Sweet As Money

What Is A Sweet As Money Quick Loan?

It’s definitely not the traditional ‘take your time, here’s a complicated process and we want to know what your grandma likes to eat on Sunday’ type of loan!  At SAM we are all about making it simple and easy for you!


Our quick loans offer customers flexibility and enable Kiwi’s all-over New Zealand to access money quickly, when they need additional cash and don’t want to use, or cannot access a credit card.

SAM offers short-term personal loans from $300.00 To $1,500 with terms from 2 to 13 weeks.

The beauty of a quick loan online is that it has a relatively quick repayment period, so unlike a credit card, you have a fixed date for when your debt is repaid in full.  Awesome!


We call it a quick loan because we keep our process simple and fast.  All you need is a computer or mobile device with an internet connection to submit your application through our website. 


Because our applications are processed electronically there is no need to complete complicated forms or provide mountains of paperwork in support of your loan. 


We know Kiwi’s love surprises!  However, hidden fees and unexpected costs do not fall into that category, it’s why we have made sure you know what you’re in for upfront! 


Quick loans are designed to really help in those moments where you have a problem.  When you find yourself in a situation that is tight, know that SAM quick loans can help with the occasional cash flow problem, or out of the blue expense.

A quick loan can help tide you over for a few days, or even weeks, until you get paid, or can really help when you have a large or unexpected expense pop up. 

Our loan application process is very quick and efficient. 

Quick loans are also known as:

  • Short Term Loans

  • Small Cash Loans

  • Emergency Loans

  • Fast Loans

  • Online Loans

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